Open Discussion Groups to be Held on Deep Bore Tunnel Options

Citizens for Seattle Tube invite you to attend one of our discussion groups on the advantages of replacing the Alaskan Way Viaduct with the Deep Bore Tunnel option. Given that the governor has delayed her decision until January 12th, we are scheduling drop in discussion events for the following times:

Monday Jan 5th, 5 pm
Tuesday Jan 6th, 5 pm
Wednesday Jan 7th, 5 pm
Thursday Jan 8th, 5 pm
Friday Jan 9th, 5 pm

All sessions will be held at the Post Alley offices of Grace Architects located at 1927 Post Alley in Seattle. Please join us to learn more about the Deep Bored Tunnel approach generally and the Seattle Tube proposal specifically. Please come and offer your input and support of the many advantages of this approach:

The Deep Bored Tunnel will:

Remove through town traffic completely from the surface streets of the waterfront and downtown areas allowing:

    – for the creation of a meaningful connection from the city to the waterfront
    – The redevelopment of the waterfront to a world class level befitting the city

The Deep Bore Tunnel technology is an increasingly known methodology with predictable schedule and budget outcomes:

    – The Cascadia center sponsored dialog with the state has opened the way to understanding that the projected costs for this approach are considerably less than previously thought.

The Deep Bore option holds the possibility to allow the existing Viaduct to remain in operation for longer while major components of the new solution are being constructed.

The Seattle Tube proposal embraces all of these advantages AND…

· Parses through-town traffic stream from the Downtown destined traffic at the Duwamish crossing, relieving congestion as commuters approach downtown and facilitating traffic flow overall
· Adds the SODO EXPRESSWAY with the opportunity to strategically link this route to I5 and I90
· With its uptown route entirely under the 6th ave right of way avoids such challenges as the
o 3rd ave metro tunnel
o The 4th ave railroad tunnel
o The city of seattle sewer main running through downtown

Thank you in advance and we look forward to seeing you soon

David Petrich – Puget Sound Magazine
Ralph Allen – Grace Architects

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