Alternative Viaduct Replacement Route Offers Ballard Easy Truck Access to I-90

Citizens for Seattle Tube is mounting a campaign to publicize an alternative viaduct replacement option that offer Ballard freight haulers and east bound commuters an efficient non-stop route to I-90. An uptown bored tunnel proposed by Seattle Tube connects highway 99 at the north end of the Battery Street Tunnel to the end of I-90 near Quest Field.

Industry leaders in Ballard are concerned about eliminating the Alaskan Way Viaduct because it will make freight and fuel deliveries more difficult. Many who are responsible for getting cargo in and out of the Ballard area prefer an elevated expressway replacement. However, easy access to I-90 has always been a problem for eastbound truckers coming off the viaduct from Ballard since ball games and railroad crossings often impede passage between the two routes.

Seattle Tube proponents are hoping to convince ballard businesses about the possibility of building a more efficient transportation route by going under the city rather than along the waterfront. The below 6th Avenue route proposed by Seattle Tube supporters features a smooth even grade that won’t bog down heavy trucks. The new SoDo Expressway, also included in the Seattle Tube corridor plan, will carry non-stop traffic down towards the Georgetown area where it will connect with first avenue at Diagonal Street with an exit to the West Seattle Freeway.

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