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Governor to Make Viaduct Decision on Thursday

Monday, December 29th, 2008

A Seattle Times article today reported that Governor Chris Gregoire is expected to make a final decision on the Alaskan Way Viaduct issue by this Thursday. Will she cave into special interest groups who want to build the replacement viaduct the voters rejected in March of 2007? or will she play it safe and go with the surface street option knowing that a bored tunnel solution is bound to emerge? As we all know, nothing in Seattle is ever final until the concrete dries. Either way, Seattle Tube plans to develop public awareness and foster support for the only sensible solution that will ensure Seattle’s vitality and intrinsic value for decades to come.

Waterfront Bored Tunnel Option Presented to WSDOT

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

A Stakeholder Advisory Committee meeting held at WSDOT on December 16th presented detailed information on a bored tunnel option. The briefing outlines details of a bored tunnel concept to be routed under the waterfront–connecting the north end of the Battery Street Tunnel to somewhere in the south region of the existing viaduct. (See pdf:Bored Tunnel Briefing – December 16, 2008)

Tunnel advocates will applaud the efforts of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee to bring a bored tunnel option to the table. However, some grave concerns about the viability and functionality are bound to exist due to the location, variable substrates along the waterfront and steep elevation gradients of the proposed bore. Enough so, that it may cloud the efforts to push for a more sensible uptown location of a bored tunnel. (more…)

Conflicting Studies on Economic Impact of Viaduct Closure

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

A Seattle Times article on Dec 5th indicates discrepancies in study results to determine economic impact due to changes in the SR99 route. A recent study by Eco Northwest indicated minimal impact on the region, while a two year old study by Herbert Research concluded by noting severe job and commerce losses if an effective SR99 corridor ceased to exist. The Seattle Times article also illustrates that non of the options studied by WSDOT achieve goals to make Seattle a better city for pedestrians–especially along the waterfront. It is a short, but interesting read.

Tunnel Talk

Friday, December 26th, 2008

Things are looking up for a bored tunnel option for the Alaska Way Viaduct replacement. Although Washington State Department of Transportation says it is down to two options (elevated waterfront expressway or new surface streets) there seems to be a lot of discussion occurring in recent weeks about a bored tunnel alternative. At least how to fund it anyway. In an article published by the West Seattle Herald today, a twin bored tunnel option is mentioned. The article is an interesting read for tunnel proponents. However, I made the following comments on the article: (more…)